Rustic-chic retreat makes a statement

Next up in the Green Living Spaces at RHS Malvern Spring Festival, mentored by Jamie Butterworth from Butterworth Horticulture, is the ‘Mediterranean Terrace’. 

Designed by Gabriella Pill, whose choice of russet tones were echoed in the interior decoration, it provided a sense of cohesion, which successfully unified the indoor and outdoor spaces. I really loved the evocative, rustic treatment, which was offset by the cool backdrop of white rendered walls and paintwork, with construction by Keyscape Design and Construction. 

It was an artfully curated space of architectural planting, from the statement Trachycarpus fortunei (chusan palm), and its stripy, stripped stem, to the burnt orange accent of the Iris Germanica flowers, which sat well with the red Acapulco seating beneath the driftwood pergola. 

From the Cretan terracotta pots, by Pots and Pithoi, to the beautiful Bearded Iris and Agave, I’m definitely taking away some styling tips from this Mediterranean masterpiece, which was awarded a Silver-Gilt medal.

Author: thechigardener

Channelling my chi energy, through the power of plants, and growing a healthy mind from the ground up.

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