Sowing seeds of compassion

A lot of people are struggling at the moment, and many of the charities that support the most vulnerable in society are also being hit hard. The #TwoPointSixChallenge was set up by organisers of the London Marathon, in support of these charities and the wonderful work they do. 

Any organisation that helps those in need is an asset we cannot afford to lose, particularly when those who need it are at greater risk during these challenging times. As these charities witness a downturn in funding, there will be a comparative upturn in the number of people who require the services they provide. 

I recently launched ‘Plant a Thought’, on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, in response to the coronavirus outbreak and the compassion that has inspired communities to #ClapForOurCarers. Having had to self-isolate, myself, albeit briefly, I fell back on my own resources, and practiced what I preach, nurturing nature while it nurtured me in return.

It’s this ethos that motivates me to make a change in my life and, hopefully, inspire others to pick up the green baton and plant it in the hands of another. When I look back on this time, I want to remember my creativity, the contribution I made, and the joy I found in the flora, fauna and friends who offset the anxiety.

I’ll continue to sow sunflowers and broadcast their seeds on a benevolent breeze, spreading a little sunshine into the lives of those who find them and grow them on. As each seedling experiences the warmth of both the sun and those who take care of it, it’ll plant a thought in the mind, with the potential to bloom into a lasting legacy of kindness.

It’s often said that those who’ve experienced difficulty are more charitable, because they understand the individual’s struggle and the difference kindness can make to the lives of those who receive it. Covid-19, however, has proved to be a great leveller, bringing together people from all walks of life (observing social-distancing, of course) to congregate on common ground.

Even so, no two people are affected in the same way, and some are more exposed to this virus than others, but when it comes down to our mental health, we are just as susceptible as the next person. There is no PPE that can protect us from our minds, and no vaccine or chance of herd immunity. Being kind is the best medicine we can prescribe for ourselves and others.

We continue the theme of ‘Kindness’ for this year’s Mental Health Awareness Week, which runs from 18th to 24th May. If you’re able to do so, please make a donation to the Mental Health Foundation, using the link below, so that they can continue to provide much-needed support and carry out research for good mental health. 

Please kindly share. Thank you, Darren X

Author: thechigardener

Channelling my chi energy, through the power of plants, and growing a healthy mind from the ground up.

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