Five Seasons: The Gardens of Piet Oudolf

Another wonderful evening in the company of my horticultural hero, where I went on a second journey through all four seasons, during the most inspiring and profound portrait of my garden idol and guru, in Five Seasons: The Gardens of Piet Oudolf​. I had been waiting to see this film, following my pilgrimage to Oudolf Field, at Hauser & Wirth Somerset​ – a garden Piet considers his best work yet – which features in the film, from its inception to maturity. 

As we witness the passage of time from seedling to skeletal stem, Piet personifies the process in his own inimitable way, reminding us that plants, like people, pop up like faithful old friends, each year, seeing out the seasons with us, and sharing our moment in the sun. This sublime showman’s sense of self has been shaped through a sentient study of the seasons, observing the cycle of life, which he uses as a metaphor for our own transient existence.

In Thomas Piper’s thought-provoking biopic, Piet challenges our perception of beauty, and demonstrates the dignity in decay, reminding us that every season should be celebrated for its unique qualities, be it those of the plants that display them, or the plantsmen and women who ‘conduct’ this symphony of the seasons. You’ll leave a little richer for this maestro’s musings, and you’ll never look at a plant in the same way again.