Happy New Year!


Looking back on where 2017 took me and wondering what will fill the pages of 2018. If I’ve learned anything over the years, it’s that life moves too fast and nothing is guaranteed. Your wellbeing, and everything that preserves it, should be your biggest priority, not an afterthought. It’s important to stop once in a while, however uncomfortable the path, to appreciate the present moment and notice how you’re responding to it.

Invest time in people who deserve your respect, and because of the difference that you can make to their lives or the community they belong to. Your neighbours ARE your community; show them kindness and be their reason to do the same. Look after yourself, first, because there is only one you, and your life is valuable to many.

And remember, there’s no insurance payout to compensate for a life, and no refunds on bad choices. Ask yourself this: “If my time was currency, would it be money well spent and did those bad choices lead me to better ones?” Respond with kindness, then reset your intentions to suit the response.

Wishing you a mindful and happy new year. Darren X

Author: thechigardener

Channelling my chi energy, through the power of plants, and growing a healthy mind from the ground up.

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